The Bag Tour was created to provide opportunities to golfers while creating revenue for golf brands.
Our one-of-a-kind sponsorship model is changing the game and unlike anything else out there.

Sponsors may sign up for the Bag Tour and gain access to our Player Marketplace where sponsors are matched with golfers who become

sponsored athletes for their brand. Sponsors and Players team up in a Season Long, National points race where they compete for the top

spot against hundreds of other golfers and brands in the industry. Athletes provide their sponsors with annual support by repping their

brand on the course during their matches, by creating and promoting content on their social media channels, by providing product testimonials

and reviews, as well as competing to drive sales for your brand throughout the season.

It is FREE to sign up to become a sponsor on the Bag Tour. In order to secure players to your team from the player marketplace, sponsors must

provide their sponsored athletes with an initial “team welcome package”. A team welcome package usually consists of a few branded items to

welcome your athletes to your team so that theyhave some product in hand to begin creating content and repping your brand on the course.

Sponsorship Application

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