2022 Points Race

Updated: Jan 15

We are excited to announce our new 2022 points race and adjusted point structure for next season.

Every player deserves a fair shot at the title regardless of where you live or what your skill level is. Great play, consistency and hard work should also be rewarded. This is exactly what we are doing with our new point structure for the 2022 season. If you can't attend the events, thats okay, because you can still be competitive and earn points through your head to head challenge match schedule. Players from all over the nation will compete for the coveted Bag Tour Cup and to have their name etched in history. The 2022 season will be filled with a variety of new events, experiences, new sponsors and as always, a great time.

The Bag Tour will host events every month during the season and players may also create their own head to head challenge schedule throughout the entire year as well. Have fun, play hard.


As the Bag Tour accommodates all types of players including professionals, amateurs & beginners, we have adjusted our league flights to better accommodate every athlete while providing the most competitive environment possible.

Championship (<1.9)

Pro Am (2.0-5.9)

Semi Pro (6.0-10.9)

Amateur (11.0-15.9)

Mid-Am (16+)


Point Structure

Our new point structure was crafted to keep things exciting all season long.

Event winners are based off gross scoring unless otherwise noted

Tournament Point Structure

1st Place - 200 points

2nd Place - 150 points

3rd Place - 125 points

4th Place - 105 points

5th Place - 95 points

6th Place - 85 points

7th Place - 75 points

8th Place - 65 points

9th Place - 55 points

10th Place - 50 points

All players finishing outside of the T-10 will receive 25 points

Tournament Entry - 20 points (all players earn 20 points when registering for the event)

Points are doubled for 2 Day events

Points are tripled for 3 Day events

Challenge Point Structure

Head to Head win - 5 points

Head to Head loss - 2 points

Challenge matches are only logged and deemed official upon completion of the challenge match form on our website.

Matchplay Bracket Point Structure

Head to Head win - 10 points

1st Place - 100 points

2nd Place - 75 points

3rd Place - 65 points

4th place - 55 points

>5th place - 25 points

Bracket entry - 10 points (all players earn 10 points for registering for the event)


h2h Challenge matches

Players may issue challenges to other members at any time. In addition to a direct call-out, Challenges can be made on the website, on our membership platform or via social media.

Create your own schedule. Pick your favorite courses. Challenge old buddies or meet new friends. Compete for your sponsors and have a direct impact on growing the game.


event contests

We will have multiple contests available for players at every event.


(2) Closest to the Pin Contests

Long Drive Contest

Chippo Challenge


Putting Contest

Cash Skins Game

event Payout Structure

Payout structure will vary per event based on several factors including but not limited to event type, field size, venue, etc.

Field Size:

2-10 Players will award 1 player/team p