Carolina Bracket Challenge - Pro Division

Updated: Feb 3

Big Country pulls off the comeback victory over the odds favorite, Young Phenom.


Mooresville Golf Club played host to our Carolina Bracket Challenge Final for the Pro Division.

Bracket Challenge Champion: Dylan Lancaster


Dylan started the match down 3 thru 3 after the Young Phenom opens with 3 straight birdies. Dylan kept his head up, stayed positive and started to turn it up a notch. With a near hole out on the 4th, Dylan tapped in to win his first hole of the day. This would be the start of Dylan winning 4 straight holes giving him his first lead of the day after the Par 3, 7th. Zane Lewis wasn't done as he birdied 8 & 9 to retake the lead at the turn. Players went back and forth on the back nine ultimately giving Dylan a 1 up edge on the 18th tee box. Both players closed out with Par which would be enough to seal the deal for Big Country.

Path to Finals

Dylan "BIG COUNTRy" Lancaster
  • Round 1 def Austin Fisher at Broadmoor Golf Club

  • Round 2 def Dylan Jones at Meadowbrook Golf Club

  • Round 3 def Chris Fry by forfeit

  • Round 4 def Chip Koepka at Rock Barn Golf Club

  • Finals def Zane Lewis at Mooresville Golf Club

  • Round 1 def Andy Fleetwood at Irish Creek Golf Club

  • Round 2 def Mike Thornburg at Mooresville Golf Club

  • Round 3 def Evan Rodwell at Irish Creek Golf Club

  • Round 4 def Andrew Watkins at River Oaks Golf Club

  • Finals def by Dylan Lancaster at Mooresville Golf Club


  • Jarrod Conard, 2019 - Pro Division

  • Jarrod Conard, 2020 - Pro Division

  • Dylan Lancaster, 2021 - Pro Division

big country

Dylan Lancaster is from Rutherfordton, NC and hosts challengers at Cleghorn Golf Club. He is sponsored on Tour by Buca Belts, Left Behind Golf & Highland Golf Co. Dylan is the number one ranked lefty on Tour and is always open for a challenge. Since joining the Bag Tour in June of 2021, Dylan has cashed in on two big tournament wins, both boasting our largest payout of the season. Big Country claimed $1000 at the Cheraw Shootout and capped things off last week with a $700 check for winning the Carolina Bracket Challenge.


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