Caddiebike Classic at Olde Beau Resort

Updated: May 23

2022 Caddiebike Classic - Olde Beau Golf Resort


Shane Thompson and dalton thompson seeking 3rd straight 2 man win in a row.

santee sleeper looking to be the first player to win 3 consecutive events in a row.

New members trey horton & Alex hunter team up for their first bag tour appearance in 2022.

dominate pro am team, frank garcia & mike klyn seek their first win together in 2022.

Chris grindstaff & Wayne carver seek their first win and compete in their 4th consecutive event.

new member jacob shell makes his debut for skramble clothes and buca belts.

mitch swaringen makes his first appearance as a bag tour member in his 2nd event and looks to add another long drive or cloest to the pin title.

onpoint athlete drake foster makes his first appearance on the bag tour.

other notable first time teammates in the field:
polish hammer & Andy Fleetwood
red stakes ryan & downtown taylor brown
brother tom & fairwayzngre